You always purchase a laptop depending on how you propose to use it. If you are an avid gaming enthusiast, you will look for high-end features like a discrete graphics card, powerful CPU, cooling technology, specialized keyboard, and so on.

However, if you plan to use it for general computing work, like browsing the internet and using MS Office functionalities, you do not need high-level features.

You can get a good laptop even under Rs 30K. We shall be looking at such laptops in this article.

1. HP 15 db1069AU – 15.6-inches, Jet Black

If you need a laptop for general computing purposes, you do not want high specs. Therefore, you can go for a 15.6-inches screen to enhance the visual experience. This HP 15 db1069AU provides you with such an exotic feel.

Processor AMD Ryzen 3 3200U
Clock Speed 2.6 GHz to 3.5 GHz Burst Frequency
Cores and cache Dual-core with 5 MB L3 Cache
Memory 4 GB DDR4 RAM
Storage 1 TB 5400 rpm HDD SATA
Graphics AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics
Display 15.6-inches HD SVA WLED Display
Operating System Windows 10 Home, pre-installed
Software  MS Office Home and Student 2019
Battery Life Up to 13 hours with HP fast charge
Weight 2.04 Kg
Connectivity Options Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth v4.2

When you have a low budget, you have to sacrifice specifications like 10th generation Intel CPUs. However, you have a fantastic alternative in the AMD Ryzen 3 3rd generation processors that equal the 7th generation Intel CPUs in almost all respects.

You cannot go for higher RAM, but 4 GB should prove sufficient to use the computer for regular internet browsing and other document-related activities. This laptop features excellent storage in a 1 TB HDD to comfortably store your files and other documents.

This appliance features integrated AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics on the graphics front, good enough to deliver a decent performance. However, it shares graphics memory with your CPU.

The 15.6-inches WLED display brings out the colors and contrasts admirably to deliver a decent visual experience. This laptop features a sturdy keyboard with individually-placed keys to make it comfortable for ease of use and replacement.

Though the HDD storage adds to its weight, the 2.04 Kg weight should not pose any problem to carry the appliance along with you. The battery has an excellent 13-hour life and exquisite features like HP fast charge that recharges it to up to 50% within 45 minutes.

This device comes with adequate connectivity options spearheaded by Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth v4.2 compatibility.


  • AMD Ryzen 3 with 3.5 GHz burst frequency
  • 1 TB Storage is Good for Storage
  • Full HD screen resolution


  • Not suitable for Multitasking

2. Asus VivoBook 15, X515JA-EJ301T

The 10th generation Intel Core processors has brought back the Ci3 chips into contention with their outstanding features. Thus, you enjoy the best computing capability in your limited budget.

Processor 10th gen Intel Core i3-1005G1 with 4MB cache
Clock Frequency Base speed 1.2GHz, Maximum speed 3.4GHz
Cores/Threads Dual-core
Memory 4GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM, upgradeable to 12GB
Storage 1TB HDD
Graphics Intel UHD graphics
Display 15.6-inches FHD
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Software MS Office 2019 H&S
Battery Life Up to six hours
Weight 1.8Kg
Connectivity Ports Four

The Ci3 1005G1 processors support dedicated graphics, but this specific laptop comes with integrated Intel UHD graphics.

The 4GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM enables efficient multitasking. The upgradeable RAM is a welcome feature available on this laptop. One TB HDD storage allows you to store your essential files and folders.

The 15.6-inches FHD display with thin bezels makes for an excellent viewing experience. The Sonic Master Audio by ICE Power complements the FHD display to deliver high-quality entertainment. The large screen allows for the inclusion of a full-sized backlit keyboard to provide an excellent typing experience.

This Asus laptop features four connectivity ports in two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports. Besides, this appliance offers Bluetooth and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure a seamless internet browsing experience.

At 1.8Kg, this laptop is easily portable. Hence, students and office-going professionals prefer the Asus VivoBook 15.

Windows Home OS is one of the best operating systems to work on in today’s environment. This laptop offers pre-installed MS Office H&S 2019.


  • Excellent display performance complemented by good acoustics
  • Good connectivity ports in this budget
  • High-speed RAM, upgradeable to 12GB


  • The webcam needs improvement.
  • Priced a little bit more than 30K. But it is worth the money.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad S145 – 81N30063IN

Lenovo IdeaPad Series laptops are engineered to last for long periods. These appliances are available in different configurations, and hence, available in multiple budgets. This model S145 – 81N30063IN is an excellent model for general computing purposes.

Processor AMD A6 – 9225
Clock Speed 2.6 GHz to 3.1 GHz
Cores and cache Dual-core
Memory 4 GB DDR4 RAM, upgradeable to 8 GB
Storage 1 TB HDD
Graphics Integrated GFX
Display 15.6-inches HD Ready (1366 x 768p)
Operating System Windows 10 with a lifetime warranty
Battery Life 5.5 hours
Weight 1.85 Kg
Connectivity Options Four ports plus Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth

Lenovo IdeaPad S145 is the ideal laptop for travelers because of its sleek appearance, lightweight, and decent battery life. The narrow bezels and the premium glossy finish makes people focus their attention more on this model as you carry it along wherever you go.

The 15.6-inches HD Ready screen can display more than a million pixels with incredible clarity. The two-sided narrow bezel and the large display offer more viewing area. The anti-glare technology allows you to have an immersive experience.

This laptop enables you to connect to multiple devices through its four connectivity ports, including three USB and one HDMI port. It is compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth v4.2 to make it comfortable to transfer data seamlessly.

Multimedia lovers would enjoy using this laptop as it delivers crystal-clear sound through its 1.5W dual speakers and Dolby Audio compatibility. Thus, you have a comprehensive entertainment package with high-quality visuals and an immersive audio experience.

The appliance works on Windows 10 Home OS, and hence, you enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Your Windows assistant, Cortana, is available at your command to answer your questions, open the desired apps, set reminders, and do everything you want it to do.

The IdeaPad S145 features a powerful processor in the AMD A6-9225 that can deliver average clock speeds up to 2.9 GHz. The 4 GB expandable RAM enables smooth multitasking, whereas the 1 TB HDD storage capacity allows you to store your data securely.


  • 1 TB HDD
  • Anti-Glare Display
  • Good for Basic work like editing documents and watching movies


  • Not suitable for Watching Full HD Content
  • Not suitable for Multitasking

4. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 – 81W10057IN

Here is another Lenovo IdeaPad model capable of delivering excellent performances while being comfortable to carry along in your backpack. The IdeaPad Slim 3, a stylish and slim laptop, is powered to deliver game-changing performance.

Processor AMD Ryzen 3 3250U
Clock Speed 2.6 GHz to 3.5 GHz Burst Frequency
Cores and cache Dual-core with 4 MB Cache
Memory 4 GB DDR4 RAM, upgradeable to 12 GB
Storage 1 TB 5400 rpm HDD SATA
Graphics AMD graphics
Display 15.6-inches FHD 1920 x 1080p
Operating System Windows 10 Home, pre-installed
Software MS Office Home and Student 2019
Battery Life Up to 5 hours
Weight 1.85 Kg
Connectivity Options Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v5.0

The IdeaPad Slim 3 lives up to its name as it comes with a thickness of 19.9 mm. As it weighs 1.85 Kg, you can carry it with you to your university or office comfortably.

The laptop features narrow bezels on two sides to render a classy look to the 15.6-inches FHD display. Anti-glare technology gives you a wider, picture-perfect view from almost impossible angles. AMD graphics provides striking visuals to deliver an immersive visual treat.

The AMD Ryzen 3 processor is a powerful one that equals the 7th generation Intel Core CPUs in performance. This chip features 4 GB DDR4 RAM to enable smooth multitasking. The exciting aspect is that you can upgrade it to 12 GB. You get adequate storage of 1 TB on this laptop to store your files, documents, and folders.

Lenovo has manufactured this laptop specifically for people who travel a lot. Hence, it features excellent audio compatibility. Thus, you can listen to your favorite numbers uninterruptedly with high-quality Dolby Audio.

As far as battery lifespan is concerned, the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 offers up to five hours of battery time. The Max Mode’s presence where the CPU provides the quicker output and the Battery Saving Mode for long-lasting power are the highlights of this model.

You can enjoy an entertaining weekend by watching your favorite shows on the laptop using the lightning-fast Wi-Fi 5 connectivity and Bluetooth v5.0 compatibility. Besides, this model comes with one USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports, and one HDMI port to connect to your compatible devices.


  • AMD Ryzen 3 with 3.5 Ghz Max Speed
  • 5 Hour Battery Life with Rapid Charging
  • Stylish Design
  • Full HD Resolution


  • Not suitable for Photo, video editing, Gaming.

5. Lenovo IdeaPad S145 – 81VD0073IN

This Lenovo IdeaPad S145 is similar to the S145 discussed earlier except for its processor. This specific model features an Intel Core CPU instead of the AMD Ryzen processor, as observed in the previous model.

Processor 7th generation Intel Core i3 7020U
Clock Speed 2.3 GHz
Cores and cache Dual-core with 3 MB Cache
Memory 4 GB DDR4 RAM, upgradeable to 12 GB
Storage 1 TB HDD
Graphics Integrated Intel UHD graphics
Display 15.6-inches FHD (1920 x 1080p)
Operating System Windows 10 with a lifetime warranty
Software Pre-installed MS Office Home & Student 2019
Battery Life 4 hours
Weight 1.85 Kg
Connectivity Options Four ports plus Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth

Your budget of Rs 30K is not sufficient to include a 10th generation Intel Core CPU. The best you can opt for in this Lenovo IdeaPad S145 is the 7th generation Intel Core i3 processor with a base clock speed of 2.3 GHz. The dual-core CPU with a 3 MB cache allows seamless multitasking. It gets able support in the 4 GB DDR4 RAM.

This model comes with an upgradeable memory of up to 12 GB. However, doing so could push the pricing over your budget. The storage front features a healthy 1 TB hard disk to store your files, documents, and other critical data.

You can have an enjoyable time watching movies and shows on this laptop because of the 15.6-inches FHD screen supported by integrated graphics. Anti-glare technology makes it comfortable for you by blocking the harmful blue radiation while delivering excellent visual performance.

The Dolby Audio compatibility is an excellent feature as you immerse yourself in your favorite music while carrying on with your regular computing assignments. The Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth v4.2 compatibility enable quick data transfer to deliver an efficient performance. You can connect your compatible devices to this laptop using the four connectivity ports that include one HDMI and three USB ports.

Windows 10 Home OS is one of the most user-friendly OS to have, especially when you use the compatible MS Office 2019 software for your computing work. The availability of Cortana enables you to communicate with your laptop conveniently and get the best out of it.


  • Good for basic office document work
  • 1 TB HDD is good for storing Files
    Full HD Resolution


  • 7th Gen i3 is outdated
  • Bad for Multitasking

6. Dell Inspiron 3583 – SLV-C563119WIN9

If you are a college student who has to perform various assignments using computers, the Dell Inspiron 3583 should be an ideal companion. It has one of the sturdiest processors and excellent storage space to ensure powerful performance.

Processor Intel Pentium Gold Processor 5450U
Clock Speed 2.3 GHz
Cache 2 MB Cache
Memory 4 GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM
Storage 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA hard drive
Graphics Intel UHD graphics 610 with shared memory
Display 15.6-inches HD 1366 x 768p anti-glare LED
Operating System Windows 10
Software MS Office Home and Student 2019
Weight 2.2 Kg
Connectivity Options Four ports plus Wi-Fi
Battery Life Up to six hours

Students and people using their laptops for daily computing tasks would find this model ideal to meet their requirements. The Intel Pentium Gold processor is a robust one capable of seamless multitasking. It gets able support from the 4 GB DDR4 RAM in this regard. The 2.3 GHz clock speed makes it one of the quickest off the blocks in its niche.

This laptop features ample storage, thereby ensuring no lag as you perform your daily computing activities. The 1 TB HDD proves more than sufficient to store your critical data files.

This Dell Inspiron offers an excellent visual experience with its HD Ready resolution and anti-glare LED non-touch display on the display front. The Intel UHD graphics 610 provides the ideal thrust to ensure the display of high-quality images on the 15.6-inches screen.

The slim looks can make heads turn wherever you take this appliance. This laptop weighs 2.2 Kg, a bit on the higher side. However, it is still an excellent portable device. The battery life of up to six hours adds to the convenience factor.

This device features excellent connectivity options in Wi-Fi, HDMI port, and three USB ports to connect to other compatible devices like printers, smartphones, and even home theaters.


  • 1 TB HDD
  • Windows 10
  • Good for light work like Word, PPT, excel.


  • Lags are common if you open multiple tabs on chrome
  • Not suitable for Watching Full HD videos.

7. Asus VivoBook 14, 2020 model, M415DA-EK012TS

You cannot expect a laptop under Rs 30K to come with the best features available in higher-priced devices. However, this Asus VivoBook comes with improvements like upgradeable RAM and storage that allow you the flexibility to upgrade at a later stage.

Processor AMD Athlon Silver 3050U with a 5MB Cache
Clock Frequency Base speed – 2.3GHz and Turbo Boost speed of 3.2GHz
Cores/Threads Dual-core without multithreading
Memory 4GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM, expandable to 12GB
Storage 1TB HDD SATA, 5400rpm plus empty M.2 slot for SSD storage expansion
Graphics Integrated AMD Radeon Vega 2 graphics
Display 14-inches FHD with anti-glare screen
Operating System Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home
Software Pre-installed MS Office H&S 2019
Battery Life Up to six hours
Weight 1.6Kg
Connectivity Ports Three

This laptop’s positive aspects include its 14-inches NanoEdge Bezel FHD display with an anti-glare panel capable of delivering an immersive visual experience with a screen-to-body ratio of 82%.

The small screen restricts the keyboard size, but the appliance features a utility-filled keyboard with keys having a 1.4mm travel distance to deliver an exquisite and comfortable typing experience.

The 4GB RAM should prove sufficient for your daily computing activities, but this appliance supports RAM expansion up to 12GB. Similarly, the 1TB HDD storage should cater to your storage needs comfortably.

If you need higher storage capacity, you can use the M.2 SSD slot for expansion.

The AMD Athlon Silver 3050U processor displays good booting times and multitasking ability. The 5MB cache is an outstanding feature to have. The AMD Integrated Vega 2 graphics allow seamless multimedia viewing and makes it enjoyable using the laptop.

The appliance features a robust battery capable of working continuously for six hours on a full recharge. The slim design and lightweight properties make the Asus VivoBook 14 an excellent portable device.


  • Light in weight and portable
  • Expandable memory and storage
  • Decent battery life


  • Average acoustic performance

8. HP 15, 15s-du1052tu

HP offers some of the best utility laptops in your budget, with the HP 15 coming with excellent features, like adequate connectivity ports and a superb web camera with an integrated dual array digital microphone.

Processor Intel Pentium Gold 6405U with 2M L3 Cache
Clock Frequency Base Speed of 2.4GHz
Cores/Threads Dual cores
Memory 4GB DDR4 2400MHz SDRAM
Storage 1TB HDD 5400rpm
Graphics Integrated UHD Graphics
Display 15.6-inches HD (1366x768p)
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Software MS Office 2019 H&S Full version
Battery Life Up to seven hours with Fast recharging facilities
Weight 1.74Kg
Connectivity Ports Three

This HP laptop features a 15.6-inches HD screen with a micro-edge display to offer one of the best viewing experiences in this budget range. The integrated UHD graphics plays a stellar role in enhancing the viewability quotient by several notches.

This appliance comes equipped with an inbuilt HP TrueVision camera and an integrated dual array digital microphone to enable you to carry on with your business calls smoothly.

The Intel Pentium Gold processor is a decent one available in this budget. It has a reputation for delivering fast performances and ensuring multitasking abilities. The 4GB DDR4 RAM provides able support in this regard.

The HP 15 should prove to be ideal for official use as it features excellent 1TB HDD storage to store your office files and documents. Besides, it comes with a pre-installed MS Office 2019 software with all its benefits.

The 15.6-inches screen enables HP to include a full-size keyboard with adequate keys and ensure a satisfying typing experience.

Sufficient connectivity options in Type A and Type C USB ports allow you to comfortably transfer data files to your portable devices.

The HP 15 is a lightweight laptop capable of fitting into your backpack conveniently. The robust battery life of up to seven hours is an endearing factor. The quick-recharge facility is the perfect foil.


  • Good battery life with fast recharging facility
  • Excellent laptop in its budget for viewing multimedia content
  • Decent display performances


  • Memory and storage not upgradeable

Buying Guide – Laptops under Rs 30000

As you glance through the specifications above, you would have noticed no 10th generation Intel Core CPUs as you generally expect every laptop to come with.

The 10th generations processors are expensive and could take the overall pricing much above your budget. These factors merit discussion in our buying guide and the features to look for in a laptop under Rs 30K.

Purchasing a laptop is never an easy affair. Technology keeps improving day by day. You invariably find that there is a better configuration available the moment you finalize your purchase. This buying guide endeavors to help you land the ideal appliance in your budget.

Let us start the discussion with the laptop components that you can see in their physical form.

Central Processing Unit – Processor

Though it is tempting to have a 10th generation Intel Core CPU and enjoy the advantages that come with it, our budget of Rs 30K is not sufficient to warrant this luxury. You can try out the AMD Ryzen 3 3rd generation processors equivalent to the 7th, 8th generation Intel CPUs.

AMD Ryzen processors are preferable for laptops with small budgets because of various reasons.

Compared to their Intel Core counterparts, the AMD Ryzen chips are less expensive.

Hence, it allows you to go for a better combination. Quad-core CPUs do not fit into your budget. The best option is a dual-core processor with a 4 MB L3 cache.

The advantage of AMD Ryzen processors is that they offer multithreading. Besides, AMD Ryzen CPUs display better clock speeds than Intel Core CPUs.

If you are an Intel Core CPU lover and do not wish to have an AMD Ryzen processor, you can try out the 8th generation Intel Core i3 or even the Intel Pentium Gold processors. These are the best options available in the Rs 30K budget.


The 10th and 11th generation Intel Core CPUs come with exquisite features not available in the earlier generations like Intel Optane technology, Thunderbolt3, Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth v5.0, and much more.

These facilities might not be available in laptops in your Rs 30K budget. However, a couple of brands have introduced 10th generation Ci3 CPUs in their latest brands.

A glaring example is that of Asus VivoBook 15. There is no 11th generation CPU in this budget.

One of the 10th generation Ci3 laptops’ stellar qualities is the excellent battery life and rapid recharging facilities. A couple of brands offer fast-recharging to recharge the batteries up to 60% within an hour.

The 10th generation laptops are amongst the lightest of the lot.

Another feature of the 10th generation Ci3 chip is that it allows for having hybrid storage in HDD and SSD.

Memory – RAM

As you will not be using your laptop for intensive tasks, you do not need much RAM. Secondly, RAM is expensive, and your budget does not permit you to go for more than 4 GB DDR4 RAM.

Neither the Intel Core 7th generation nor AMD Ryzen 3 CPUs support RAM faster than 2666 MHz.

Some models come with options like upgradeable RAM up to 8 GB or 16 GB. It is an excellent feature, but upgrading to higher RAM can jack up the pricing. It is advisable to have the upgradeable option because you can use it subsequently if required.

Storage – HDD or SSD

When you compare HDD with SSD, the latter seems to be a better option. However, it can be challenging to have SSD in your budget because of the budget factor.

The minimum you can go is 256 GB SSD. On the other hand, HDD’s are less expensive, allowing you to go up to 1 TB storage.

Generally, you have an i3 processor in this budget range. These are low-speed processors. Therefore, SSD storage can perform a dual role of providing storage and speeding the CPU. However, you should check out whether the laptop specifications allow for PCIe SSD. This combination enables faster speeds than the SATA SSDs.

If you value more storage, you necessarily have to opt for HDDs. HDDs can be heavy and thereby increase the overall weight of the appliance. However, you do not have many options because of budgetary constraints.

1 TB 5400 rpm HDD should be the ideal storage option in this budget.

Graphics – Integrated

The nature of your activity does not require your laptop to have discrete graphics cards. Besides, the U-series processors do not support these cards, as well. However, every laptop features integrated graphics.

Intel Core CPUs offer Intel UHD graphics, whereas AMD Ryzen processors support AMD Radeon Vega graphics.

The only disadvantage of integrated graphics is that they do not have specific graphics memory. The graphics share the memory with the CPU. Thus, your CPU ends up with less RAM, thereby slowing it down. The only way to circumvent this problem is to go for higher CPU RAM.

Screen Size

You have a fantastic advantage in this aspect because you do not have to block a significant part of your budget to get a 10th gen Intel Core CPU. We have discussed that it is out of the question.

The positive aspect is that you can use the surplus funds in going for larger screen size. A 15.6-inches FHD screen should be ideal for your laptop under Rs 30K.

Screen Resolution

If you notice our reviews above, a couple of appliances feature HD Ready resolution. It is an inferior resolution compared to FHD.

FHD offers a 1080p display whether HD Ready offers 768p at the maximum. Therefore, your movies and other video content look better on FHD.

Nowadays, almost all laptops feature LED backlighting. Some features you should look for are anti-glare technology and IPS. Anti-glare technology is essential because you have to use the laptop in broad daylight, where the glare from the sun can make it impossible to view the screen.

Anti-glare technology adjusts the brightness and contrast of the screen to make it possible to have a comfortable visual experience. IPS technology delivers a wide-angled view where you can view the screen without distortion from angles as wide as 178 degrees.

Audio Performance

Laptops are not home theaters where you need high-quality audio performances. People usually connect headphones or a Bluetooth speaker to the laptop to enjoy music.

Hence, you can compromise on the audio aspect. It does not affect the overall performance of the appliance in any way.

Some laptops in your budget feature dual speakers and Dolby Audio compatibility to deliver a decent audio performance. Though it is desirable to have a fantastic acoustic experience, you do not have to lose sleep over it.

You have alternative options like Bluetooth speakers and home theaters to connect to get high-quality audio performance.


You are lucky as the 15.6-inches screen size allows you the liberty to go for a large keyboard. Though the key size does not change much from that of a 14-inches laptop, the difference is that you have an additional numeric pad and comfortably-placed arrow keys for convenience.

A simple keyboard should be sufficient for your regular computing activities. Hence, laptops in your budget do not feature keyboards with specialized keys like highlighted WASD and arrow keys.

Your keyboard’s bigger size allows you to have additional functions like volume control, brightness control, and other features like airplane mode, refresh key, etc.

Though it is desirable to have advanced features like a backlit keyboard, your budget does not offer you this luxury. Our advice is to opt for laptops that offer a replacement for individual keys if there is an issue.

Models like Lenovo offer this feature, whereas Dell Inspiron does not. You have to replace the entire keyboard circuit even if one key gets damaged.

When purchasing your laptop, it is advisable to note the positioning of the trackpad. Models like Lenovo have the trackpad slightly towards your left instead of it being at the center.

It can cause initial hiccups as you could end up repeatedly right-clicking on the pad. The other models, like HP and Dell, have the trackpad at the center to make it convenient to use.

Connectivity Ports

Your laptop should ideally feature a minimum of four connectivity ports. Generally, you get one HDMI port, a couple of USB 2.0 ports, and one USB 3.0 port. It should prove enough to enable decent transfer speeds.

The miniature budget does not allow high-speed transfer ports like Thunderbolt C and USB C ports. Besides, laptops feature other utility ports like audio and microphone ports along with an SD card reader.

Some models come with CD or DVD drives. However, these attachments are becoming extinct nowadays.

Though laptops feature an internet LAN connection port, they also support Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/b/g/n and Bluetooth. Today, every house has a Wi-Fi broadband connection to enable the appliance to connect to the internet.


As people use their laptops to communicate with their loved ones on social media apps like Skype and Facebook, these appliances feature webcams. The devices under Rs 30K do not feature high-quality cameras, but they allow decent communication.

Some models offer privacy features like a webcam shutter. Windows 10 also offers the facility to block apps like Skype and others from accessing the webcam to protect your privacy.


The primary factor that distinguishes a laptop from a PC is its mobility. As laptops are portable, you need them to have robust batteries to deliver uninterrupted performances for extended periods. Therefore, battery life assumes tremendous significance.

A decent laptop battery should perform continuously for up to five to six hours on a full recharge. However, a lot depends on your device usage patterns. If you multitask often, the laptop battery drains quickly.

If you leave your laptop unattended for a long time, it can drain the battery. Playing games also consumes a lot of power.

While the battery life is of paramount importance, you should also focus on the recharging features. Some laptops in this budget offer fast recharge facilities where the battery recharges up to 50% within 40 to 45 minutes. It saves you time and provides the necessary cushioning factor.

Operating System

Windows 10 is the universal choice when it comes to choosing the OS. Students, especially those belonging to the engineering stream, might opt for Linux.

Similarly, computer professionals could opt for DOS. Anyway, that should not matter because almost all laptop manufacturers offer Windows 10 Home as the default OS. It comes with a lifetime validity free of charge.

Windows 10 is a user-friendly OS preferred by almost all. It comes with several exciting features like Cortana assistant and other easy-to-use apps.


Usually, you have to purchase software separately. Some laptop models come with pre-installed trial versions of MS Office 2019 Home and Student Edition. You need to renew the subscription after the expiry of the trial period, usually a month.

Similarly, you should install antivirus solutions on your appliance before using it. It is also essential to update your software regularly whenever the supplier releases the update online.

Engineering students might need other specialized software such as CAD, Auto Desk, MATLAB, etc. They have to be purchased separately.

Other notable features

As you would not be using such laptops for extensive activities like gaming or video editing, there is no need for a separate cooling system. The laptop’s existing ventilation system should cool the laptop comfortably.

High-level security features like a fingerprint scanner, face recognition, etc., are not available in your budget. The best way to secure access to your laptop is to use the time-tested method of having a login password.

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